Drake has a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Science from Auckland University of Technology and works as a personal trainer in Auckland and lead trainer at Zone Escapes.


Drake is into crossfit, basketball and rugby and was selected for the Blues’ development squad as a teenager. After travelling Europe for four months after finishing his degree, Drake is excited to combine his passion for travel with health and fitness through Zone Escapes fitness retreats.


He wants to help clients to find their own passion for health and fitness so that fitness becomes part of their lifestyle, not a chore.


“I believe that if fitness can become a true passion and a normal way of life, then all other aspects of my clients’ goals will fall into place organically.”


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I specialiing in training myself and others in strength and conditioning, HIIT, hypertrophy and crossfit.


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I like playing basketball, playing golf, kicking back spending time with friends and dining out.

Out of the places that I have travelled to so far, my favorite destinations would have to be Greece, Canada, Thailand & Croatia. A place that is next on my list to travel is Japan.